Dew Tour Shots-Before The Boot

Bucky, Switch Frontside Air

So, I actually can sympathize with the job of having to be the person who says "You can't be here" but I do see a difference -- at events that I have the privilege of doing that for, we ALWAYS make arrangements for all the people who should be there shooting photos... the pros, the veterans, the people who know how to shoot a vert photo from the deck of the ramp. And here at Dew Tour, it's arbitrary -- nobody is allowed to shoot the finals or semifinals, apparently, but we were supposed to be able to shoot the practice sessions... but not the practice sessions between the heats, I guess. It's kind of fun to have to sneak in and ignore security guards and all that... I'm good at it, too. Anyway, I got some good shots, had fun shooting some of the same people I've shot over a 21 year period (!) and although I'll probably have to think about it some, I don't think that I could let the environment here effect my enjoyment of the skateboarding... but they're trying to do just that. Skateboarding is treated like a a necessary evil in their mission of creating a TV show. Enjoy the pics:

Bob, kickflip Indy air
 Chris Cole, backside lipslide
Neal Hendrix, lien air
Renton Millar, Indy air
Rune Glifberg, Heelflip Frontside air
Sandro Dias, Gay Twist
John Alden, frontside ollie
GooGoo, Back Noseblunt
Robert Lopez-Mont, back lip