Illegal "Bodies" Photos


The Bodies exhibit was pretty cool to see and understand how a lot of things work and are interconnected. My chiropractor was excited that we went. I think there was one with a skateboarder doing a frontside invert, but that was in L.A. This one was in Vegas.

These are real bodies and real body parts. The bodies come from China, where they were unknown and unclaimed, and they died from natural causes.

The blue and red you see comes from injections into the arterial systems -- the colored polymer was injected into the veins, hardened, and then everything was delicately cut away. Pretty amazing. If you get the chance to see this exhibit, it's well worth it.

A Brain and Nerves Through the Spinal Column
Heart and Lungs
Digestive System: Liver, Stomach, Intestines, Colon, Rectum, Anus
Face and Head
Cross Section of Face
Fetus at 32 Weeks

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