Sean Malto's Shoe Release Party

Malto Loves Sushi

Sean Malto's first shoe comes out this season, and last night at Tenno Sushi in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo was the release party. Malto loves sushi, so that was the theme, and most of the crowd was decked out in one of Malto's favorite 4Star shirt and red and blue beanie. The all-stars in attendance were the crowd you'd expect, from Girl, etnies, 4 Star, Escapist in Kansas City, and the folks from Transworld all came up as well.

Malto's Sushi and Sake Bombs
Tenno Sushi, 209 S Central Ave in L.A.
The surprise, sort of...
Sean's New etnies Shoe
Sean with the etnies braintrust
A bunch of happy Malto clones (for the night)

Lots of good food, sake, beer, some shoes wrapped in fish, lots of smiles -- it's Malto, he's always smiling -- it was a good time and a great welcome of Sean into the pro shoe ranks. And there's no doubt that Malto deserves a pro shoe!

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idol!!! for being a nice

idol!!! for being a nice skateboarder and for being a filipino too yeah



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