Toy Machine Halloween Demo

Ed and Transistor Sect

Toy Machine did their second annual Halloween demo and costume party on Saturday. Leo Romero, Billy Marks and Josh Harmony all impressed, along with one of the Toy Machine homies who had a rad Jake Phelps costume. Ed's was pretty funny, too. When asked what he was thinking when he chose this particular costume, he said "It's because of the camel toe!" As for the costume contest, the team were the judges, and of course the Transistor Sect costume won. Other good ones included TelleTubbies, Turtle Boy Reynolds, and the Jake Phelps dude, which was awesome.

Leo Romero Kickflip Back Tail. Click To View.
Jake Phelps?
Leo Switch Crooked Grind. Click To View.

Toy Machine Halloween Demo Check Out


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