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The Faction was a hardcore punk rock band from Halloween 1982 until Halloween 1985. Coming from the heart of the Northern California skateboard scene, (San Jose, numbskull: if you thought I was talking Frisco, you're wrong!) the band was one of the original "Skate Rock" bands whose music and lifestyle tastes centered on skateboarding and punk rock.

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The people who have the most lasting impact on my memory are the people who prompt the extremeties of emotion: either total love or total dislike. Or really positive or really negative. I remember this guy who decked me in 1982 more than I remember some of my friends from high school. I remember conflicts with people more than I remember some enjoyable dates or specific concerts I attended.

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Last Friday night the Faction played with the Adolescents and Strung Out in Anaheim, a few short miles from here...great show. The Faction played a shortened set, which sucked because it may have been their last show, and Strung Out... well, I don't really care for them too much, but they sounded alright...The Adolescents were great! Those guys can sure sing melodies well... Anyway, turns out the Faction might not be done after all... oh well, I'm glad I saw them in San Jose last month anyway. It was a good road trip with Hugh.

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The Faction played what may be their last show in San Jose on Friday night. I love that band. I think that part of it is what they've meant to me for so long, and part of it is that it's great music. I first heard them in early 1983, and they were one of the first punk/hardcore bands I ever heard. On top of that, they were skateboarders and I identified with them and the stuff they sang about. That's definitely something that I think kids today are missing--which may not be a bad thing. But kids now don't have a need to seek out the companionship of other "outsiders" who ride skateboards.

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My recent trip to Germany was a blast on many levels, but one of them was the privilege, still, after all these years, of spending time with the Faction. I'm pretty lucky to have gone from 16 year old fan in 1983 to 18 year-old photographer and acquaintance in 1985 to longtime friend in 2002. During that time I moved away from San Jose and yet still grew the friendships with Gavin, Ray, and Steve, I put out their first CD collection, a near-discography you can read about and get elsewhere on this site, and now, I've had Scottish food in Germany with them.

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The Faction played their first show in twelve years on July 14th. It was the first time they've played with original guitarist Russ Wright since releasing their first record in 1983, and that record (and all the others afterwards) featured second guitarist Adam Bomb Segal. In 1989 Jeff Kendall filled in on guitar for a one-off reunion show at the Cactus Club in San Jose, and that show was met with an enthusiastic but small crowd.